There has been much speculation as to whether the Democrats will assemble a Dream Ticket consisting of Obama for President and Clinton for Vice-President. Roving Knoxpatch reporters have uncovered a far more interesting rumor, a rumor so fresh it hasn’t even received Flashing Siren treatment on the Drudge Report.

Insiders close to both candidates have anonymously confirmed that the Dream Ticket may get a little dreamier: Lookout world, here comes the Obama/Paul ticket. Having Obama and Ron Paul on the same ticket promises to lure the crazies from both the left and the right into the polling stations come November, uniting the extreme right and extreme left into a sure-fire victory party.

Most conservatives think McCain is a weeny and are praying somebody else will come along they can vote for, but they would rather not vote for a Democrat. Democrats are afraid of Obama’s wife. Together, it appears the Obama/Paul ticket can be the unificator this country needs.