Dust bunny exhibit to open at Knoxville Convention Center

Artist’s rendition of a dust bunny.

After a year with almost no business, a large collection of dust bunnies has been discovered at the Knoxville Convention Center.

One resourceful employee, Kelley Smith, saw opportunity where others only saw the need for a dustbsuter. “Rather than clean this stuff up, why not make this a destination for travelers…or at least a reason to pull off the interstate and spend a few minutes in Knoxville for those that are just passing through?”

If someone is willing to stand around and listen, Kelley is more than happy to explain further. “I visit things less interesting than this each year on vacation, that’s what I do. In the past ten years I’ve seen the world’s largest ball of string, Twitty City, the National Knife Museum, and the world’s largest private thong collection. Knoxville should be able to claim some of the tourism dollars away from these types of destinations.”

Convention Center organizers were skeptical at first, and openly criticized the idea. After further reflection, and checking the Convention Center calendar of events, it was obvious that nothing else was scheduled for the next 18 months, so the idea has been given the green light.

Although the official exhibit will not open until June 2004, Knoxville residents are encouraged to plan visits any time over the next few months to help look around the halls and in the meeting rooms for more dust bunnies. As the new exhibit slogan states, “Every Bunny is welcome!”