Lance Armstrong’s recent record-breaking seventh Tours de France win is having an unexpected impact amongst cyclist and other endurance athletes.

Many sports enthusiasts and pundits have pointed out that Armstrong’s phenomenal success has been impacted by his experience with cancer. This simple statement, implying that his ability to focus his energies and strive towards his goals, has been greatly misinterpreted to lead some to expect miracle results from various types of cancer care. Even the title of his popular book, “It’s Not About The Bike,” has led those that didn’t read it to look for the source of seemingly magical abilities.

Due to these false interpretations, elective cancer treatments are on the rise. Greedy doctors at some small unreputable medical facilities have been capitalizing on this and offering unneeded treatments for testicular cancer to anyone hoping to be more like Armstrong.

No reports of such unethical practices have been reported in Tennessee, but the practice is running rampant in Kentucky. Although law enforcement agencies are attempting to stop the practice, 100s of would-be patients from other states are crossing the border each day. Officials of the local medical community are urging those considering such a procedure to rethink the entire idea, and to only treat testicular cancer if diagnosed…especially if you are female.