First Tennessee Bank accused of dumping radioactive shredded paper


While looking for things to complain about, Goss Peterson local misguided activist, claims to have come across potentially radioactive shredded paper discarded in an open lot near the First Tennessee Bank building in Downtown Knoxville.

“I didn’t know what I was looking for, but I was certain I could find something in this portion of town to complain about. And these barrels of waste are just the tip of the iceberg. With any luck this could lead to finding dead bodies or something equally unsettling. Personally, I’m sure these barrels have something to do with First Tennessee Bank!” explained Mr. Peterson.

At this point, the barrels have not actually been proven to hold anything harmful or to have been dumped by any particular company. Nor have the barrels shown any signs of danger to the general public. Businesses adjacent to the property containing the barrels could not be reached for comment.

A preliminary investigation by Knoxpatch reporters leads us to believe that the barrels are actually prototype toys. A strong likelihood exists that Mayor Victor Ashe plans to designate the property as Ashe Park II The Inner City Journey.

Could these barrels near First Tennessee Bank contain radioactive
shredded paper?