A focus group, comprised mostly of activists from Nine Counties One Vision, met last week to discuss issues related to Knoxville, the surrounding area, and what could be done to make it better. The leading theory coming from the group is that Knoxville simply needs more restaurants. Holly Heathrow, the group’s spokeswoman, said that they considered a lot of concepts, but the restaurant theme kept recurring. She explained, “We tried to explore other avenues, but most people thought that what we’re really missing, what would really draw people into the area, would be a wider selection of fine and fast food restaurants. It was pointed out during the course of the meeting that there is not even a single Jack-in-the-Box in the entire Knoxville area!” The group is currently developing a report, which will create the basis of a plan. They will be inviting contractors to bid on carrying out the plan as early as next month. Development of the plan will be financed through federal funding provided by ensuring at least one of the restaurants doubles as a bus terminal.