KNOXVILLE, TN. (Knoxpatch) – In what appears to be a copycat crime based on the Washington-area sniper, Knoxville residents are living in fear of an individual on a rock throwing spree.

Ten Knoxville residents and four out-of-state visitors have been hit by various sized rocks while going about their daily routines. Two women sustained the worst injuries, being hit in the head with stones nearly the size of golf balls.

Standard ballistics tests performed by a University of Tennessee Geologist has linked the ‘stonings’ by analyzing the velocity that the rocks were traveling as well as the trajectory and spin.

Scientific research has shown that the rocks have been propelled without the assistance of a sling-shot or similar device. Each has connected with its target at an estimated speed of 15-20 miles-per-hour.

A study is currently underway to determine the source of stones. Stakeouts are being conducted at several local creek beds and limestone quarries.

The victims were stoned in public places: four at Dollar General Store, three at Wal-Mart, two at gas stations, and the remainder outside the new Knoxville Convention Center.