Apparently lost for more than 2000 years, a fourth Wise Man has been found wandering aimlessly in Lenoir City. Called ‘Budgie’ by locals, the Wise Man has been living in Lenoir City for the past 9 years – collecting cans and living off donations collected near a major intersection.

A small stone pencil box with ‘Jesus’ chiseled into it was noticed by a well-meaning philanthropist, Matthew Johnson, as he was dropping a quarter into Budgie’s collection cup. Not wanting to let Mr. Johnson inspect the pencil box, Budgie held out for $2 and a box of oatmeal cream pies.

Upon inspection of the box a weathered map was found that outlined a course leading to Bethlehem. Apparently Budgie was unable to see well enough to watch the sky for stars and had attempted to follow the map to greet the baby Jesus. By accidentally holding the map upside down Budgie has been wandering around the Lenoir City/Philadelphia, Tennessee region.

It is believed by scholars that the pencil box was meant to be a fourth gift of the magi. Other than the word ‘Jesus’ the only other markings on the pencil box are crude etchings showing a large man in a sled being pulled by eight tiny buffalo.