Fraternal Order of Eagles surprised by applications from Chicken Hawks


The Knoxville Chapter of the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) was recently surprised by the receipt of membership applications from an entire cast of Chicken Hawks. Although the Chicken Hawks are clearly not eagles, they claim DNA evidence will show that they are a direct descendant of the esteemed Golden Eagle.

The FOE, best known for community service, wild parties, and recently coming back from the brink of extinction, claim that they will not accept the Chicken Hawks into membership without a fight and have already retained legal aide. “First and foremost, we are not really Eagles,” exclaimed Margaret Cox, Grand Madam and Trustee of the Tennessee Fraternal Order of Eagles. “We might sometimes dress like birds, but that’s just part of the fun. Allowing a bunch of unclean Chicken Hawks to join our Aerie would simply be ludicrous.”

The Chicken Hawks admit that they have no specific reason for wishing to join the FOE, and that they have several membership organizations in which they are welcome. This is the first time that a Chicken Hawk has been in the news since infamous battles between one particular Chicken Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn.