Ghost of Smith/Coughlin House Terrorizing Club Members


Since the destruction of the historic Smith/Coughlin House in December of 2004, things have been pretty quiet around the Cherokee Country Club. Mostly. Sketchy reports have been coming in, increasing in frequency as we approach the 5th anniversary of the historical obliteration, that ectoplasmic activities have been intensifying in the area surrounding the country club. The reports indicate that a mysterious Mediterranean-style mansion in a severe state of disrepair has been spotted drifting across the golf course late at night, and sometimes early afternoon around two. Several members have been seen, pale white with fear, running to their luxury cars, usually parked where the old house used to be, and tearing out of the parking lot. No club members would go on record and when employees were questioned, they would zip up their jackets and scuttle away without looking back. No photographic evidence has been produced, however there is usually plenty of parking in the new lot.