Ghost spotted in Old Gray Cemetery

The ghost of Herb Evers
floats around Old Gray Cemetery.

Late last night, a ghost was photographed roaming around Knoxville’s Old Gray Cemetery. East Tennessee Paranormal Society member Eric Huckabee shot the photograph using a Sony Mavica digital camera. ETPS historian Joel Bingham told that the ghost is believed to be that of deceased cowboy Herb Evers, who died in Knoxville’s first and only duel on Market Square. “The duel was over a sheep one of his neighbors was having relations with. It made him mad and he called the duel, only to lose,” explained Bingham. “And that just pissed him off even more,” he added, “so the story goes that he’s still trying to even the score and comes out late at night roaming the cemetery looking for something to spook.” Huckabee, who took the photo was certainly spooked. “I snapped the photo and ran like hell back to the safety of the nearest street lamp,” he said. Our experts, who examined the photo, determined it would add a nice visual to our story.