Knoxville (Knoxpatch) Nearly a day earlier than expected, a judgment has been delivered following a lengthy trial for Saddam Hussein. Saddam, 69, has been convicted of crimes against humanity and multiple atrocities during his rein of terror.

Many expected that Saddam would be sentenced to hang. Instead, Saddam has been sentenced to live out the remainder of his life in Knoxville, Tennessee as the official Sunsphere Polisher.

Iraq’s prime minister said on Saturday he is pleased that Saddam is getting “what he deserves” for crimes against humanity. “Sending Saddam to a third-world city like Knoxville should show him the type of pain that he brought to so many families. And the knowledge that the fortunes he amassed will be completely taken away by the death tax, I’d love to see his face when he hears about that!”