Heroic beagle saves flipflop

Topsy poses with the flipflop.

During the massive January snows of 2003, the heroic act of a Knoxville beagle, Topsy, almost went unnoticed. Topsy’s owner, Ms. Carol Weidmeister, was walking to her mailbox to get the paper. At one point, she took a step higher and with more force than usual, sending her flipflop sailing into a snowbank. She froze in place, not knowing what to do. Not wanting to put her foot down on the cold concrete, she tried unsuccessfully to hop on one foot over to the snow bank. That is when her faithful pet Topsy came to the rescue. Sensing his owner in danger, Topsy ran to the snow drift, grabbed the flipflop, and brought it back to Ms. Weidmeister, triumphantly licking her toes. The Knoxville Fire Department awarded topsy a medal of honor for his valiant behavior.