Ishtar 2 to begin filming in Knoxville


After a prolonged legal battle, an independent Knoxville film studio has acquired rights to film a sequel to Ishtar. Although the script was completed in 1989, filming has been on hold because a 12% ownership stake in the title was held by one of the lead camels in the film. A suitable profit-sharing plan for the sequel was never reached, but the camel finally died – freeing up the project.

Ishtar 2: Destination Knoxville will reunite our favorite lounge singers, this time booked to teach the history of lounge music at Knoxville College. Once again, they will stumble into a world of danger and intrigue as they accidentally overhear previous supporters of Madeline Rogero plotting to overthrow Mayor Haslam.

Filming is to begin in August 2005 and various portions of downtown Knoxville will be closed for filming for approximately 6 months. Ishtar 2: Destination Knoxville is slated for major theatrical release in the Fall of 2006.