Joining the Atkins diet craze, the Disc Exchange has announced that it will unveil a new series of low-carb selections. This announcement will make Knoxville’s very own Disc Exchange the first dealer of compact discs and digital video discs to provide dietary guidance in regards to musical selection and video entertainment.

Representatives of Disc Exchange point out that, like McDonald’s and Burger King, the music/video industries have promoted overeating without regard to the increasing obesity problem faced here in the United States. “Songs like Milkshake and American Pie are just as bad as a Double Quarter-Pounder with cheese. Sure, people have a right to order whatever they wish, but it’s up to people like us to offer alternatives.”

Disc Exchange on Chapman Highway will be the first location to test this new business model. The store will be divided with a small section of low-carb entries near the front counter. If the idea catches on, the amount of shelf-space will be increased and the format will be duplicated at the Disc Exchange location on Kingston Pike.