Knox County Government to announce gay character


To make politics seem a bit more trendy and up to date, the Knox County Government has decided to follow the lead of “The Simpsons” and announce the name of a gay character in the coming weeks.

The Knox County PR offices are thrilled with the results. “It seems that everyone has an opinion of which Knox County employee it will be.” states Ben McWhorter, “You can’t slow down in the office at a water cooler without being besieged by conversation about the announcement.”

Since the announcement, the Knox County website has been receiving a tenfold increase in traffic. This increase in web traffic has led several Knoxvillians to read the list of those involved in County Government for the first time, hopefully developing an idea of why all those boxes are on the ballots.

A date hasn’t been set for when the announcement will be made, but hints will be dropped over the following weeks. All Knox County residents are encouraged to watch elected officials closely over the next few weeks and play along by making their best guesses at who will soon be coming out as gay!