Knoxgames scheduled for winter 2003


Knoxville’s Office of Special Events has secured a professional level winter sports competition for 2003-2008.

“Knoxville has long been overlooked for winter sports, ” says Dan Myer, Deputy Director “but the convention center has opened up so many new possibilities. Now, new reasons to visit Knoxville pop up daily. If this event goes well we are almost certain of being able to secure a major horse race in the near future!”

Local businesses are excited at the possibilities. Those polled have indicated that they expect to increase inventories by nearly 1% in order to handle the influx of business. Several chalets are to be built surrounding the Knoxville Museum of Art.

Knoxville residents quickly began preparing a competition level winter sports team. Picture below is the tryout for the dogsled event (due to a delivery problem regarding sled dogs, the tryouts were eventually postponed until an undetermined date).

Knoxvillians prepare for 2003 dogsled competition