Knoxpatch Exclusive: UT Vols Coaching staff gets complete overhaul


“The announcement that offensive coordinator Randy Sanders would step down was a move in the right direction, but only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the fixes we’re putting into place.” stated an anonymous UT Official. “If we’ve learned anything from the success of the athletic program this year, it’s the benefits of having no definitive leader. This new system will allow everyone to serve the role as leader, giving the team several people to rally behind. It’s the perfect system, I just don’t know why we didn’t think of it sooner.”

Starting immediately, all coordinators and coaches will have one shared title of ‘director.’ As game play progresses each director will shift position…sometimes calling offensive plays, sometimes calling defensive plays, randomly running up and down the sideline to confuse the opposing team, and always remaining loosened up in case they need to punt or kick a field goal.

Players seem to be accepting the new program positively, but questions have come forward – even before trying the new coaching format. If the Vols do manage to win another game this season, just whom would they pour Gatorade on in celebration?