Knoxville Fire Fighters now fighting on another front


The threat of fire, smoke, and burning buildings is a cakewalk compared to the latest threat that faces local firefighters. While routinely investigating abandoned buildings for fire hazards, fire fighters encountered a tiny foe – fleas. It was not until they had exited the building that the tiny pests were noticed.

“They were all over us, thousands of them,” said Johnny Flame. “Crawling everywhere.”

The fire fighters were taken to Fort Sanders to be throughly scrubbed and checked for flea-borne diseases. The truck was professionally fumigated.

“Unfortunately, one of our men did contract a flea-borne disease and is now in quarantine,” stated the Fire Chief. “We’re not releasing his name to save him from the torment of becoming ‘Flea Man’ in the public’s eyes. He’s doing well, except for having to amputate his penis due to infection. Wait, don’t print that part!”