For years, Knoxville?s homeless individuals have been receiving assistance from those that are more affluent. Coordinated by Jake ?Spunky? Trevor, an upcoming street fair has been designed so that homeless citizens can give something back to those well-meaning patriarchs.

Spunky explains it simply. ?You can only accept handouts for so long without feeling like you need to give something back. I happened to notice the other day that I have dozens of umbrellas that have been given to me during sudden rainstorms. I have a different thermos for each meal of the day. I even have several pair of bi-focal reading glasses. It?s enough to make me realize how great my life really is. If this event works the way I hope it will, we will be able to provide each downtown business person with a new 1982 World?s Fair key fob.?

Everyone is encouraged to drop by for this family-friendly gathering. The event will be running 24 hours/day for the next several weeks throughout all of Downtown Knoxville.