KPD officer admits he enjoyed harassing owners of short-lived downtown Knoxville strip club


Undercover KPD Officer, Ben Nubbin, has admitted today that he found a great deal of pleasure harassing the short-lived Last Chance Adult Theatre in Downtown Knoxville.

“At the time we were harassing the new business I wasn’t sure as to how I felt about it.” states Officer Nubbin. “It was simply our job to make it as difficult as possible for someone to legally operate a business in Downtown Knoxville. Given enough time, anyone will make a mistake…we simply had to be on-hand at the right time to see it.”

After a few short days Gene Lovelace, owner of the Last Chance Adult Theater, simply gave up and shut the doors. Thanks to the hard work of concerned community groups and the local police Knoxville managed to keep another viable business out of the downtown area because they didn’t feel it was proper. This benefits everyone by allowing for more suitable businesses to consider moving to the area if they could simply find a way to generate more foot traffic in the region.