Letter to (and from) the editor


Dear Knoxville,

I keep getting spam emails from the ADAM SMALL STRATEGIC BUSINESS NETWORK, promoting the Knoxville Business Xchange. Today, I got 13 copies. Every time they fire up the spam canons to fill my inbox with crap, I follow the procedures to stop receiving their junk…yet it just continues to pour in.

If you happen to be on the receiving end of junk mail from these folks, look at the poor layout and design and consider the fact that they can’t honor a simple response to quit sending useless crap to others before you decide to spend money on something they cannot even spell correctly. ‘Exchange’ does NOT start with a friggin’ X.


  1. Have you thought about spamming them back or bouncing the emails back to them as though it were a bad email address? On the other hand, there is a govt. agency you could always put on them to bother them.

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