Local church and Moonshine Distillery team up with the Salvation Army


The most unlikely of trios is teaming up to fight the growing problem of the homeless in the downtown/old city area.

“If you have ever walked through the Old City, you have more than likely been stopped and asked for money by a homeless person,” states John Baptist, “And you just know when they say that it’s for food, that they will really just run to the liquor store or gas station and buy some cheap booze. We’re taking care of that by offering them FREE moonshine. This will allow us to draw more visitors to our Downtown and Old City areas, since they won’t be afraid of the homeless asking them for money.”

The idea sprung from a brainstorming meeting between the local groups. They figured if you took away the cause of the problem that it was no longer a problem. The local church is staying open at night to allow those who had a little too much charity so to speak.

This is not to be confused with Buckets for Haiti, where another local church and moonshine distillery are donating 5 gallon buckets to the effort to help rebuild Haiti.