Local interactive media company enters immigration debate


Local interactive media company IPIX has entered the immigration debate with the launch of its new software, IMMIGREX. In response to states such as Texas that are installing webcams on their borders to allow internet users to monitor and report illegal crossings, IMMIGREX goes a step further. After installing the client software in their browsers, users will not only be able to pan and scan to monitor illegal border crossing activity, but they will be able to assist border patrol agents in capturing the illegals. The click of a mouse will launch a net at the illegal immigrant. If successful, the immigrant will be briefly detained while border patrol agents rush in to make the arrest. IMMIGREX 1.1 is to be released next week in response to complaints from human rights agencies, and will include a water bottle, food, and medical supply launcher. Hackers are reported to have created versions of the software that will release Doberman or Rottweiler dogs at the immigrants, but these reports could not be confirmed.