Mayor announces Colt 45 official beverage of Knoxville


In an historic announcement, Knoxville Mayor Victor Ashe unveiled a deal between the city and Pabst Brewing Company of San Antonio, TX. The contract grants Pabst Brewing Company the exclusive rights to sell its Colt 45 line of products in vending machines throughout the city.

The first phase of the agreement allows Pabst to sell its Colt 45 products, in various sizes, in city schools. “Not only does this give our children access to a better variety of beverages to choose from at school, but it also allows them to alter their perspectives while adding much needed funds to the school system,” the mayor said.

Cans like these will be seen in Knoxville
schools soon.

Students and teachers alike are excited about the deal. Ninth-grader Allen Bales of West High School is among the enthusiastic. “This is GREAT,” he said. “I am so tired of having to drink Pepsi or Mountain Dew day after day. Colt 45 has always been one of my mom’s favorite drinks, and now I’ll get to enjoy it too!”

The deal will bring over $10 million into the school system, and Pabst has agreed to spend another $10 million marketing Knoxville as a great place to live, work, and drink.

In lieu of a living wage agreement, the second part of the deal allows Pabst to vend its products to city workers, who often complain about bad working conditions. “This is a milestone in city-employee relationships,” said living wage activist Ima Maroone. “Now employees will have a reason to get out of bed and go in to work, they’ll feel better about themselves all day!”

Pabst will begin installing vending machines in schools later next week, just in time for the stressful holiday and testing season.