Mystery solved: Smith-Coughlin House located

The Smith-Coughlin House has been
located on Mars

After the freak, mysterious disappearance late last year of the Smith-Coughlin House, conspiracy theorists went wild trying to explain what happened to the house. Many theorized that Cherokee Country Club had torn it down late at night, concealing their actions with a secret government cloaking device developed through a no-bid Pentagon contract with Halliburton (the company once helmed by Vice-President Dick Cheney). Others thought it might have slipped through a space-time vortex and vanished to another world. Through this exclusive photo obtained from NASA by, it can be shown conclusively that the space-time vortex people were correct. The Spirit Mars Rover snapped a hi-resolution photograph late Tuesday evening revealing the Smith-Coughlin House’s location. Since Mars has no historic overlay zoning, the future of the house is uncertain. However, Cherokee Country Club, finally cleared of any wrong-doing, has permission to expand their parking lot.