National Enquirer ranked as 2nd most trusted print news source in Knoxville


A recent survey regarding print media in Knoxville has revealed that the National Enquirer is now the 2nd most trusted print news medium. The survey was designed to gauge how opinions regarding news have changed since 9/11/2001.

Created by a national polling agency, the new study was the most extensive of its type to ever be performed. The results of the 25,000 person study show the following 5 print sources to be those most trusted in Knoxville:
5. Metropulse (Although this weekly rag received only one vote it did make the top five.)
3. South Knox Bubba
2. National Enquirer
1. The Knoxville News-Sentinel (Knoxville’s daily newspaper.)

Full results from the study can be obtained in early November via email by subscribing to the newsletter from our homepage.