Planning got underway early in the year for a new Knoxville New Year’s Eve celebration. Grand ideas were put into action by a team determined to bring a little bit of New York City to downtown Knoxville, with Market Square filling in for Times Square. At the TVA Towers end of the Square, a ball on a post was to be erected. Local talent was to be on hand to help celebrate, including television personalities, South Knox Bubba, Bjorn Knoxley, and Brehd Patchley. At the stroke of midnight, the ball would fall and confetti would fly from the rooftops. The name of the celebration was to be “Knoxville’s New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.”

However, the marketing was unfortunately turned over to an intern, Bill Hodgkinson. His inexperience led him to misread notes written on a napkin that was handed to him by event planners. Instead of marketing the “New Year’s Even Ball Drop” celebration, he began marketing the “New Year’s Eye Ball Drop” Celebration.

Instead of ordering a beautiful ball of crystal made by the finest craftspeople in Italy, a giant eyeball was ordered from Acme Novelty in Lenoir City. Acme Novelty reports that the eyeball will be representative of a human under a lot of stress, as it will be bloodshot. “We really just enlarged one of our standard halloween novelty eyeballs,” explained company spokesperson Alan Cayes. “We thought it a bit odd, but still sounded like a lot of fun,” he added.

In addition to the giant eyeball, the theme was applied to all marketing materials and provided to each prospective vendor. Glasses, contact lens, and laser surgery companies have already signed up to attend. By the time the glitch was caught, the marketing and materials budget had already been spent.

Although pissed, event organizers have decided to make do with what they have. “This will be the only eyeball themed New Year’s Eve party anywhere,” exclaimed event brainchild Barry Boaz. “It’ll be great, just really really great,” he said.

Organizers expect to have a very large turnout for the event. Besides the confetti, vendors, and ball drop at midnight, expect to see a large fireworks display, including a new one specially designed with the show’s theme in mind. However, the fireworks company will not release details, insisiting it will be a surprise.