Oliver Stone announces epic treatment of Bill Haslam


Although his last film, ‘Alexander,’ was met with distaste by critics and moviegoers alike, Oliver Stone has announced plans to move forward with yet another epic film.

According to Stone, his next film will not be plagued with the historical inaccuracies that were evident in ‘Alexander.’ “We are going to use nothing but factual information in the next project. Also, the ability to work on an epic while the main subject is still living…this gives us a chance to be very careful with our facts. Plus, to draw audiences that managed to avoid my last film, I’m moving forward with this project as an epic musical.”

‘Haslam, the Musical’ will follow the days before Bill Haslam became Mayor of Knoxville. A time that many do not know about. Highlights will include his days as a pilates instructor, his short stint as a kick boxer, and the two years in which he was Knoxville’s only downtown mime.