With a better-than-expected reception at the Iowa State Fair, Sarah Palin has announced plans to visit fairs across the United States as the summer winds down. Palin denied speculation that the state fair tour was a precursor to a Presidential campaign, “That’s ridiculous,” Palin said. “I just like it when all the farm animals lick my hands, so I visit the animal barns and petting zoos at the fair each year.”

Tennessee Valley Fair representatives say Palin’s visit should have little impact on the fair-going experience, other than removing Boyz II Men from the entertainment schedule. A spokesperson for the fair stated,”Palin wanted the stage on the night that they were scheduled, but we don’t know what announcement she may have planned.”


  1. The “Palin-Head” Sculpture/Cooker titled “We’re Havin’ A Tea Pear-ody” by local Chicago artist J. Taylor Wallace is on it’s way to the the Tennessee Valley Fair in Knoxville TN (the artists home town) where the real Sarah Palin is expected to stop in and take the stage on Friday September 16th in place of the scheduled entertainment “Boyz II Men” at 8pm. The satiric sculpture of Palin will be hard to miss as the over-sized steel cooker billows smoke while cooking up scrumptious smoked BBQ. Will the two Palin’s finally to come face to face? For updates, photos, artist info and more go to http://www.consciouschicago.com/CONSCIOUS_NEWS.php

  2. I am the PR rep for the Tennessee Valley Fair. This story as well as the post above by Carisa Bendel are 100% false. Boyz II Men will perform at the Tennessee Valley Fair as scheduled tonight (9/16) at 8 PM for their Sold Out show. SARAH PALIN IS NOT APPEARING AT OUR FAIR.

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