Tiffany performance at PrideFest cut short by Ginormous Opossum


Tiffany, best known for starring in a pair of movies on the Syfy Channel  and singing a few 80s songs, was here yesterday as part of Knoxville’s PrideFest on Market Square. Her performance, however, was cut short due to an attack by Ginormous Opossum.

Luckily, the attack didn’t last long. A nearby car backfired as the Ginormous Opossum descended upon the helpless crowd, and it instinctively played dead long enough for KPD to dispose of the creature.

Event organizers say they should’ve known something was up when they saw Debbie Gibson in the audience. “Clearly, she’s still in character from the Mega Python vs. Gatoroid movie. Why she chose Knoxville for the attack is unknown, but the epic battle between these two fine women isn’t over.”