Uproar over governor’s replacement Christmas card


Governor Bredesen gave in to pressure today after mounting criticism of his Christmas card depicting a teenage girl he met while in an Afghanistan chat room. His new Christmas card depicts a teenage girl he met while in a North Korean chat room. “I’m not sure whether she is Buddhist or Confucianist, that wasn’t in her profile. Besides, it doesn’t matter. I’m just sure Budda…..er…..Mohammed…er…Santa Clause…er…I mean Jesus loves her too,” the governor explained during a press conference. The new card was resent to everyone on his Christmas list with a note instructing recipients to discard the previous Christmas card, or they could keep both if they wanted to. Conservatives were in an uproar yet again, just after they had cooled down from the previous uproar, although at the time of writing, they had yet to come to a consensus as to what the problem with a North Korean girl on a Christmas card might be. His backup plan is rumored to be a picture of a teenage Croatian girl.