WBIR introduces transgender news programmer


Knoxpatch (KP) In a local news first, WBIR this week will introduce a transgender news programmer. The new staff member, a flamboyant news junkie named Starla, hopes to attract a portion of the growing transgender television market. Initial assignments include sprucing up Schwall’s World and the Heartland Series. Starla’s introduction to the airwaves will take place this Friday in a live attempt to fix Julya Johnson’s wardrobe.

3 responses to “WBIR introduces transgender news programmer”

  1. So, does this mean that Calvin Sneed – formerly of PM Magazine fame in Knxoville – was actually a man?????

  2. Yes Sterling.. I am very much a man, with the God-Given acutriments. I am also very much alive. By the way, the city is spelled K-N-O-X-V-I-L-L-E.