Where to meet women in Knoxville?


A recent Knoxpatch.com visitor asked us for some advice on where to meet women. It hadn’t occurred to me that folks may wish to use this site as research before visiting our lovely town, I had always thought of the entire site as an inside joke. But, for the sake of this gentleman that visits during the Honda Hoot each year, I decided to address the request.

After staring at the keyboard for a few moments I decided that my friend Bjorn would be better suited for the question than I. Then I thought about Bjorn for a few seconds and went back to my keyboard. Now I’m coming to you, the reader.

For the benefit of world travelers making brief stops in our beautiful town, help us in letting them know where the best spots are for meeting some fine Southern women. If you have any advice on the subject, please send an e-mail to [email protected] [just remove the ‘nospam’ portion of the e-mail address]. Include any comments and as much advice as you care to share. Results will be compiled and posted at a later date (please note that your response in its entirety may be posted in an article – let me know if that isn’t suitable for any reason).

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