Woman stops at red light


To the surprise of motorists behind her, Mrs. Ola-Mae Fanning stopped at a red light when it turned red, reported witnesses at the scene. Mrs. Fanning brought her 1987 Buick Century Limited Sedan to a complete stop just before the yellow light faded to red at the intersection of Cedar Bluff and Executive Park Drive Wednesday afternoon. She was on her way home from a shopping trip at Food City when she decided to make the unexpected stop. Shawn Cox, the driver of a lowered 1992 Chevrolet S10 Pickup, was behind her when it happened. “I couldn’t believe it when that little old lady stopped. I almost ran right through her, man! Three more cars could have made it,” he explained. Even though he had to wait through the red light, Cox was still 3 minutes early for work. According to a source in the Knox County Sheriff’s Department, although it is uncommon for Knoxville motorists to stop when the light changes to red, it has happened before.