Word on the Street


“Why can’t the damn county employees keep track of their credit card purchases? I mean, how the hell hard is it?”
-Mike “Staunch” Staunton, construction worker

“I don’t like this Obama guy. And not for the reasons you think. I don’t like McCain either. I think they both suck. I want to vote for ‘Other’ in the general election. Can you do that? Or maybe even ‘None of the Above?'”
-Amy Wilson, accountant

“Just who does Tom Petty think he’s fooling? I KNOW he is the lead singer of Mudcrutch. And he knows I know!”
-Andy Simmons, unemployed

“I really don’t want you to quote me. Because all those people that you quote sound stupid. And I don’t want to sound stupid. Because I’m NOT stupid, you know? But I wish they would finish all the dang construction around here. And I’m glad they moved Boomsday to Sunday night so we don’t have to wake up hungover Tuesday morning to go to work. But don’t quote me on that because I don’t want to sound dumb.”
-Herb Jones, journalist