Palin promises big announcement at Tennessee Valley Fair, bringing Color Me Badd


As announced earlier, Sarah Palin plans to take the stage at the Tennessee Valley Fair on September 16. Her visit has been met with a bit of controversy because it forces the cancellation of a planned concert by Boyz II Men.

Today, we received notice that a big announcement can be expected that night, and that to make up for canceling the planned entertainment, Sarah Palin will be bringing Color Me Badd to perform for the crowd.


  1. We already know – heard it this morning. I REALLY do not care who or what S Palin has slept with (whether she remembers it or not). Sad she can’t remember who she sleeps with.

  2. I pray that this is just a rumor and isn’t true because it will not be good for the reputation of the TN Valley Fair at all! People have purchased tickets to see Boyz 2 Men and to involve politics is not a wise move AT ALL!!! What kind of announcement does Sarah Palin need to make at the TN Valley Fair and to bring Color Me Badd?? WHAT??? I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED AT THIS ACTION IF IT IS IN FACT TRUE!!!

  3. Despite rumors to the contrary originating from parody bloggers,, R&B super group Boyz II Men will appear at the Tennessee Valley Fair as scheduled on Friday, September 16 at 8 PM.

  4. I am the PR rep for the Tennessee Valley Fair. This story is 100% false. Boyz II Men will perform at the Tennessee Valley Fair as scheduled tonight (9/16) at 8 PM for their Sold Out show. SARAH PALIN IS NOT APPEARING AT OUR FAIR.

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