Aggressive driver enforcement campaign inspires Knoxville drivers


In an effort to make the Interstate Traffic System that transects our city a safer place to drive, KPD has seen great success with the Aggressive Driver Enforcement Campaign (ADEC).

The Campaign itself was the brainchild of an officer, who asked that his name be withheld. “In the past we have targeted aggressive drivers in an attempt to make our interstate system safer without much success.”

After attending a class titled “Thinking Outside the Box”, Officer Friendly came to a couple of conclusions about traffic within the city:
1. KPD wants drivers to arrive safely at their destination
2. People are going to drive aggressively no matter what KPD does
3. Problems on the interstate are cause more by people driving “too” carefully

Officer Friendly continued, “If our real concern is seeing that people are safe, maybe we should target the problem drivers, like those that drive too slow, stop for no apparent reason, and take too long to change lanes”.

KPD has placed signs along portions of the interstate where the program is in effect. Drivers need simply to look for the “Aggressive Driver Enforcement Campaign” signs.

“The success of this program has been phenomenal, we have seen a reduction in the number of accidents, traffic flows better, and the public really appreciates our thinking on this matter” said Officer Friendly.

As a result of the success of this program KPD will be implementing this program in other parts of the city where “careful” drivers are a problem.