Boatload of Cubans rows ashore


This boat carried Cubans to KnoxvilleLate yesterday afternoon, a boatload of Cubans rowed ashore at Volunteer Landing. The Coast Guard was befuddled trying to determine how the Cubans were able to miss Florida and row up the Mississippi, make a right onto the Ohio, and another right onto the Tennessee, then traverse the state several times while going through the TVA lock system without being noticed. The boat, seen in the photo, carried 32 wishful immigrants. Most of the immigrants were in fine health and spirit, but several suffered from mosquito bites. They are being checked for traces of the West Nile Virus. The Knoxville INS does not have the funds to transfer that many people back to Cuba after making so many busts at the mushroom farm, so the Cubans are being allowed to stay in the area. Janet Reno is rumored to be organizing a raid. In the meantime, their presence is projected to positively impact the Knoxville Cuban restaurant scene.