Bush sees, hears critics and changes mind


Some daring protesters escaped from the free speech zone, conveniently located outside Linens & Things at the Turkey Creek development in West Knoxville today during President Bush’s visit to downtown Knoxville, according to sources. They were able to catch a bus to the downtown area and make a sneaky appearance by the presidential motorcade as it entered the convention center. As the protesters held their signs aloft, which read “Free Tibet,” “Free Peltier,” and “Iraq War Not Good,” the presidential limo came to a stop. Bush exited the vehicle and exitedly shook the hands of the protesters, exclaiming “Wow! You guys are right! What was I thinking? You’ve changed my mind about a lot of things, by appearing here. I would never have thought about your point of view otherwise!” Rumor has it that Colin Powell is in talks with China, Bush may pardon Peltier, and troops are being withdrawn from Iraq so that the Iraqi people may fend for themselves.