Can’t get enough of a good thing – CSI: Knoxville added to CBS lineup


In an attempt to squeeze as much success out of CSI as possible, CBS is adding market-specific programs. CSI: Knoxville will premiere near Christmas 2002. Mostly local actors, KPD, and hosts of local news programs will be utilized to add ‘gritty realism’ to the program.

Similar to CSI and CSI: Miami, CSI: Knoxville will follow crime scene investigators as they take a difficult case through various twists and turns until the case is solved. The main character, played by Victor Ashe is described as having a ‘forceful personality’ and simply goes by the name Uncle Bob. Further casting and plot details are not currently available.

If CSI: Knoxville does well in the ratings we will see other projects currently on hold get the green-light. Other proposed programs include Late Night With Jim Clayton, Everybody Loves Tom Ingram, and Live From Knoxville – It’s Saturday Night!