Claxton man raises record size fighting chickens

Enos Johnson and famed fighting chicken.

Enos Johnson, known by locals as E.J., is currently under investigation for raising freakishly big chickens for the sole purpose of fighting.

Although chicken fighting is illegal in Tennessee, Mr. Johnson has developed a large base of supporters who have realized the ramifications of very large chickens in the United States. Large chickens could be trained as foot soldiers or could easily be used to replace many types of farm tools. The eggs could also have several uses such as motorcycle helmets and bowling balls. Mr. Johnson is receiving legal protection regarding his chicken fighting activities from various government agencies and political action groups in hopes of being granted access to his growth formula.

Shown above with one of his prize chickens, E.J. claims that the incredible size of the birds comes from a special drink made with a blue mold he discovered in his basement. He had been drinking this odd formula for years as a cheap alternative to alcohol. The effect on chickens was discovered purely by accident when one of his pets got thirsty and found a barrel of the fluid.

As long as he is able to continue staging fights, Mr. Johnson is willing to put his chickens against any other chicken or person at $1000 per match.