Dr. John Shumaker accepts position as head of Tenncare


Governer Bredesen has appointed Dr. John Shumaker as the new head of Tenncare, just days after announcing that Shumaker has resigned as President of the University of Tennessee.

“A simple review of the mission and vision of Tenncare identified Shumaker as a natural fit.” claimed Bredesen.

Tenncare promotional materials point out that the organization’s behavior will reflect their values and they will not only live these values, but also teach them through role modeling with all whom they come in contact. These values include; respect, integrity, direct and honest communication, collaboration, quality, and being proactive.

“If anyone can meet such a strong standard of work-ethic and moral values it is certainly Dr. Shumaker. His no-nonsense way of doing business is necessary. Someone had to be found that is not afraid to spend some money on entertainment, dining and makeup.”