East Tennesseans to provide ‘Liberation Engine’


People from all over East Tennessee are once again joining together in support of a culture they having nothing in common with for the greater good.

In response to the recent destruction of a fire engine during the military action in Baghdad a group of Knoxville’s most prominent citizens have started a grassroots effort to replace the vehicle.

Modeled after the successful “Freedom Engine” campaign, where East Tennesseans raised funds to replace a New York fire engine in the aftermath of 9-11, the aptly named, the “ We Broke it, We’ll Buy It” campaign was kicked off Monday at West Town Mall.

Campaign Chair Vernon “Buddy” Kendall, announced that commitments in excess of one billion dollars have been made to replace the fire engine which is valued at $500,000.

“If we can do this for those damn Yankees in New York City, it’s the least we can do for the people of Iraq”, he stated.

Kendall further explained how he would personally lead a contingent of East Tennesseans to deliver the engine once fighting had ceased. In addition to the fire engine which will be painted red, white and blue, the group will also bring the people of Iraq some other gifts from their Knoxville neighbors.

“Thanks to the generosity of the people of Knoxville, every family in Iraq will receive a lifetime supply of Bush beans and an autographed picture of Pat Head Summit”.

When asked whether or not the destroyed engine was insured he replied, “Don’t ask me about insurance missy. Tennesseans know more about insurance than any other people in this great nation. After all, we thought up TennCare”.