Ferocious poodle goes on biting rampage

Jo-Jo bites her neighbors.

A north-Knoxville poodle, known simply as “Jo-Jo,” went on a biting rampage last week. Details are sketchy, but witnesses say at least five people had minor toothmark imprints on fingers, ankles, and elbows after the incident at a neighborhood birthday party. “It was scary,” explained one eyewitness at the scene. “People at the party were admiring what they thought was this cute little innocent poodle, but the next thing they knew, they were yelping in surprise and pain.” The owners of the dog, Jerry and Gina Atchley, refused to return phone calls or make comments, despite repeated attempts at leaving messages. PETA is investigating whether animal cruelty contributed to this incident, and if so, they may take action to move Jo-Jo to a free-range poodle ranch in New Mexico.