Four Knoxville Track Club members last seen in Cleveland, OH


Four participants in the recent Expo 10,000 have been lost since May 25th due to a comedy of errors perpetrated by the Knoxville Track Club including poor planning, poor training, and a simple lack of interest.

2002 marked the 25th anniversary of the Expo 10,000. The excitement of planning for the 25th annual event was apparently more than the small organization could handle. Sure, they schedule more than two dozen races each year…but that’s just not enough practice to get some of the finer points down to routine basis.

With hindsight being 20/20, it’s now clear that the volunteers participating in the race should have been told where the course was. Sadly, this simply wasn’t clear prior to the start of the event.

Nobody is certain how things got this out of hand but four committed runners were last seen buying more Gatorade at a small unidentified gas station in Cleveland, Ohio. All other runners have been accounted for and the Knoxville Track Club has indicated that they may buy some small arrows to place around the race course for guidance in 2003.