Group to take different approach to downtown attraction


In the last few years, there has been a push to develop attraction destinations in downtown Knoxville in an attempt to draw visitors, residents and non-residents alike. So far, all ideas have been stolen from other communities, to include convention centers, movie theaters, bus transit stations, aquariums, planetariums, a rodeo complex, and legalized prostitution. Sick of listening to the same old tired ideas being tossed around, a group of citizens has been gathering for late-night brain-storming sessions that are intended to produce some original ideas. So far, their ideas have all turned out to be rather unoriginal, such as a giant ball of yarn, a building made of salt and another of corn, a giant thermometer, or leveling the town and starting over. However, the group remains optimistic and hopes that recent publicity will draw others with ideas to their weekly meetings at IHOP. One promising concept is that of a reality show following Knoxville homeless around the East Tennessee Historical Society. Another is a park bench web cam where visitors can call family members who can then log in to a website and watch them sitting by the proposed arch made from native elk antlers. Stay tuned to for more details as they become available.