“History of Sewage” walk planned for Knoxville Riverfront


In the tradition of the musical heritage walk in downtown Knoxville, the new riverfront development will incorporate a “History of Sewage” walk. “We’re trying to take a negative and make a positive out of it,” explained riverfront developer and sewage afficionado Jackey Dempster. “You could say the sewage odor wafting across the breeze from the local treatment plant would be a deterrent, but I’d say you were being a Johnny Raincloud. Instead, visitors to the riverfront will have signage that should intrigue them as to the origins of sewage, and what the various smells mean about the stage of treatment the sewage is currently in.” In addition to signage, there will be a sewage fountain for children to play in, field trip planning kits, and canisters of bottled sewage air available for purchase.