KFAR lobbies a return to airwaves and expansion of services


KFAR was shutdown in September, 2004 by the FCC because they were operating illegally. Not only were they operating illegally, they had never made an effort to operate within the guidelines of the law. According to concerned liberals across the region, however, this didn’t stop KFAR from providing an important voice that should not be silenced.

Sensing growing support to provide radio services that they were not legally qualified to provide, KFAR representatives have seen an opportunity to offer dozens of new services. One KFAR representative explained it simply, “Portions of the public clearly want us doing things that are illegal and have no concern for the fact that others work to follow the rules. We are going to provide certain services to this group of the population, and they will pay less to get these services from us than they would from licensed or trained individuals.”

Some of the services to be unveiled next month include:

  • Legal counsel
  • Car/fire/life insurance
  • Abortion
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Pumpkin carving

    Although all these activities are illegal without license, supporters claim that KFAR will be protected by the First Amendment as long as they manage to talk during the entirety of each process. KFAR representative say this will not be a problem because all those involved are long-winded and quick learners.