Knoxpatch FAQ


In the short time that has been online we have been asked several questions by our visitors. Some of the most frequent questions, and the answers, can be found below.

Q. Is [some story] for real?
A.Probably not, unless it’s a review. Of course it could be based on a true story. Like the Sound of Music was.

Q. Who are Bjorn Knoxley and Brehd Patchley?
A. The names Bjorn and Brehd are derived from the fact that the owners of are lifetime residents of our beautiful city (born and bred in Knoxville). Bjorn is the overworked one, and so is Brehd. In case you weren’t sure, Bjorn and Brehd are pseudonyms.

Q. Where do your stories come from?
A. Our stories are often based on things happening around town, or possibly from eating a bad fig. We tend to make fun of nearly everything and everyone, it isn’t personal. We just try to find humor where others may not see it, and sometimes we notice that we couldn’t find any either.

Q. Why don’t you at least check the spelling and grammar of your stories?
A. Well, we usually do, or at least try to. Bjorn and Brehd work daytime jobs that carry well into the night. is a time-consuming hobby that we love, but sometimes it’s hard to get everything done just right.

Q. Can I have a job?
A. We do this for fun and have no advertising revenue. This means we don’t actually generate money to pay employees. Thanks for mistaking us for a professional website.

Q. Will you do a story about…?
A. We will think about it, but inspiration is sometimes elusive. If you have an idea for a serious feature story or something that you would like to hear us ramble about please let us know.

Q. Why is it that sometimes a few days go by without any updates?
A. Because. Actually, we write when we can. In order to come up with our stories we have to have two ingredients. The primary ingredient is time. Secondary and not always necessary (as you can tell by some of our stories) is ideas. If we don’t have time, we don’t write. And if we don’t have any ideas, we usually don’t write. This could prevent us from posting for a few days. Inspiration comes at odd times, especially when Bjorn is trying to meet a demanding deadline at work.

Q. Can I contact you directly?
A. Sure. [email protected] or [email protected]. Just remove the “nospam.” part.

Q. You made fun of me or my organization. Should I be amused?
A.Certainly! It is okay for you to laugh at yourself. We do it all the time.