Knoxville-Knox County Animal Shelter presents Adoption and Rescue Fair


I’ve had many pets over the years, but only actually went in search of a pet once. I usually end up with animals in my home because they walk up to me in the woods or in parking lots, looking bedraggled and really appreciative of a small bite of food. The one time I did actively search out a new friend, the search ended at an animal shelter.

My general liking for animals made me rather receptive to a request recently received here at Taylor Slemmer, Knoxville-Knox County Animal Center (KKCAC) Volunteer Coordinator, was browsing our site and decided that we should do a feature about KKCAC.

After researching KKCAC I’ve found that they have such a long list of worthwhile accomplishments and programs that it would be impossible to outline them within an article. For full information about the organization visit Heck, they even housed cows, monkeys, and ducks in 2001…that’s probably a story on its own.

An upcoming event that we would very much like to draw attention to is the Adoption and Rescue Fair (ARF) brought to you by KKCAC and the Knoxville Zoo (sponsored by WBIR Channel 10). The fair takes place at Chilhowee Park on Saturday, August 24th from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Scheduled events are as follows:

10:30am Border Collie Sheep Herding, courtesy of ETBCR

11:00am K-9 demonstration, courtesy of KPD

11:30am K-9 demonstration, courtesy of KCSD

12:00pm Vet Tech Olympics
1. Fecal Loop Race
2. Surgery Prep Race
3. Scrub Change a-Go-Go
4. Glove Toss

1:00pm Games for Pets and Their Owners
1. Biggest Pet
2. Smallest Pet
3. Pet-Owner Look-alike
4. Kissing Contest
5. Singing Contest
6. BestTrick

1:30pm Border Collie Sheep Herding, courtesy of ETBCR

2:00pm STAR Demonstration, courtesy of Shangri-La Therapy

3:00pm Live Auction

Schedule of Events in Three-Ring Arena
11:30am and 1:30pm Dog Agility Demonstration, courtesy of Donna Truitt and Dr. Lisa Chassy

Other Great Things to Enjoy
10a-3p Silent Auction Rescue Pav.
10a-3p Live Auction Item Preview Rescue Pav.
10a-3p Animal Center Booth Rescue Pav.
10a-3p Rescue and Veterinary

Booths at the Rescue Pavillion
10a-3p Knoxville Zoo

Outreach ARF Bazaar
10a-3p Mayfield Ice Cream Rescue Pav.
10a-3p Shopping galore! ARF Bazaar 10a-3p Try dog agility
10a-3p STAR Booth Ring 2
10a-3p Animal Control Vehicles Ring 3
10a-3p NASCAR car in plaza
10a-3p Loveís Touch Grooming Van ARF Bazaar
10a-3p Smoky the UT Character and Zoo Characters
10a-3p Ask the Vet (free!) Rescue Pav.
10a-3p $20 Pet Microchipping Rescue Pav.
10a-3p View plans for the new Animal Center ARF Bazaar
10a-3p Knoxville Zoo Land Rover in plaza
10a-2p Membership/Adopt a Zoo Animal ARF Bazaar
11a-1p Balloon Animals by Tom Vorjohan Rescue Pav.
12a-3p Walker and Andy perform Main Arena